Conducting a Mental Status Exam Impairment: The patient failed to perform well on each portion of the MMSE test. With Orientation, Registration, and Recall scoring the lowest at 30%, 33%, and 33% of correct responses, respectively. The patient achieved a 60% score on attention and calculation and a 67% mark on language praxis.

Understanding the DSM for Social Workers   To paraphrase Cochran and Walsh, The DSM tends to look at clients in a vacuum and separates the disorder from the person and the events in their lives that caused it. In general, it does not emphasize the roles that systems play in the emergence of problems (Corcoran […]

The purpose of this paper is to outline and show the key points that the authors of Encountering the Old Testament make, and my opinions in relation to these truth. The authors make three main points with a few different sub points as pertaining to the connection of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. […]

The purpose of this paper is to provide parents with a general understanding of substance abuse and addictions in our adolescent population. We will cover briefly prevention strategies, identifying a possible addiction, intervention, and finally treatment. This is not meant to be your only resource, but to help you understand your resources and how to […]