The purpose of this paper is to outline and show the key points that the authors of Encountering the Old Testament make, and my opinions in relation to these truth. The authors make three main points with a few different sub points as pertaining to the connection of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. […]

“Helping is not a technique. It is an investment of one’s self” (Scales & Kelly, 2012, p. 281). This statement which was written by Alan Keith-Lucas is a powerful statement to me. I never thought that helping others was investing into myself before this reading. Reality, empathy, and support, the trinity so to speak of […]

Note: This paper was written basically with my eyes closed. We were tasked with reading a book picking a part and just write whatever comes to our mind. Even if it is random thoughts that don’t make sense. We were not supposed to edit our paper in anyway. Here is what came out of my […]